14th July 2014

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The Ultimate Weapon In Rubber Band Warfare

If somebody had asked you, yesterday, to name the top ten must-have items that your bachelor pad simply had to have, a rubber band machine gun probably wouldn’t have been on that list. Why? Because you didn’t know it existed. Now you’re going to regret laminating that wish-list, because your trusty Wingman is going to show you exactly why it needs changing.

Ingeniously designed and crafted by Alex Shpetniy & Brian Dinh, this fast-charging, easy-reload, 16-barrel, automatic machine gun is a certified fan favourite, with its Kickstarter campaign almost quadrupling its pledge aim of $5,000 with almost an entire month left to run.

Using a small electric engine, powered by just 5 AA batteries, whether your target is your arch nemesis or just a few cans lined up along a wall, the huge 672 rubber band capacity allows you to fire off 14 shots per second, at a range of up to 26 feet.

With plenty of time left to pledge – should you be unable to fight the desire to get your hands on one of your very own rubber band machine guns – the eleven different pledge options, and three stunning variations of gun design, should leave no home rubber-band-machine-gun-less this Christmas.


27th August 2013

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Super Mario Brothers Parkour, Mario & Luigi Perform Free Running Stunts in Real Life

this is incredible

27th August 2013

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What The Smith Family Was Actually Staring at at VMAs

Carlton Banks, what are you doing??

27th August 2013

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It’s Blue, and Deadly! Control the game in the miadidas Chelsea FC Predator LZ:


19th August 2013

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18th August 2013

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18th August 2013

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Nooka, a New-York fashion brand has created an advertising campaign transforming the famous New York yellow cabs into a back to the future deloeran taxi. Designed by Michael J Lubrano

This literally could not be more badass.

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18th August 2013

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There’s something about getting advice from dogs that I like.

cuz dogs are smarter than us.

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12th August 2013

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Incase anyone needs a little Monday cheer up!

Here you are :D

Happy Monday guys!!


just yay.

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11th August 2013

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